New Year Adventures

New Year’s days rushed past, but in my soul, I still had a feeling of magic and fairy tales. Everyone who visited the New Year’s show “Fantasizers”, carried away a piece of joy and fun.
Fervent princess Rapunzel invited friends together to celebrate the New Year. But what a flour this expectation! Is not it easier to translate the hands of the clock and … Here it all started: New Year Adventures Rapunzel in the country of Grez. Yes, it was the most unusual adventure in the most mysterious country. But the guys were able to do everything: they helped Rapunzel to attach the gift of Fairy Lucinda, find the Timekeeper and fulfill all his tasks, and Draco helped to gain strength and courage and become a real symbol of 2012.
Of course, the fairy tale has a good end. All met with Santa Claus and his granddaughter Snegurochka, they chanted, joked, sang, played Snowy fun, and staged a very snow-white battle. Where else can you play snowballs in the Crimea, if not with the show group “Fantasers”!


New Year’s fairy tale is approaching!

Hello! It’s us again.
The most beloved, the most magical, and the long-awaited holiday is approaching – the New Year. Everyone is waiting for this holiday. But most of all it is waiting for your children. Children make the most cherished wish, are waiting for the best gift, and meeting with the main wizard Father Frost. And also children and adults believe that in the New Year there are real miracles and fairy tales that come to life.
Believe it or not, the New Year does not happen without a fairy tale. We Fantasers, we know for sure. We not only create a new fairy tale every year, but we also revive it and give the children the opportunity to become the main heroes and participants of this fairy tale. Together with the symbol of the year, the guys overcome all obstacles and difficulties on the way to the New Year. And not in vain, because as a gift for their courage and resourcefulness they fall into a real Snowy Tale and, of course, receive a gift from Santa Claus.
See you in the New Year’s fairy tale!


Let’s get acquainted?

We, the show-group “Fantasers”, suggest adding bright festive colors to your life.
Do you wish your children well, peace and prosperity and are ready to give them all the best? And we offer you to make the most important gift – to give children a holiday.
So, on the eve of a holiday, which means there will be fun and music, there will be guests and gifts, everything that you will come up with and prepare yourself. So you have to plan, fantasize, in a word – to work.
But do not let this frighten you. We are ready to come to your aid and share your troubles. We are cheerful clowns of Klep and Toffee, mischievous girlfriends of Igrynka and Veselinka, Little Red Riding Hood and Snow White, Pippi and Dyudyuk, fearless Pirates and Cowboys, and many others.
The characters have different characters, but they share one thing – they take the child to a real magical world, where he becomes the hero of the fairy tale.
Playing the role of fairy-tale characters, the child learns to openly express their emotions, understand, and love others. All this, of course, will be useful to him in the future.
And let this holiday, big or small, collective or family, will bring joy and pleasure to all, make your life more vivid, unique, and unforgettable.